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Apr 26, 2003
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thank you...ile get some on wed...

on a diff subject you know if u can use any products with the nail trainer, i know u need their glue and primer...but i mean liquid and powder? been practicing all day, some of the nails were a rite pain to get on...
nailtiqe said:
i know u need their glue and primer...

hmmm - you can use ANY system on the N/T - you DON'T need THEIR adhesive OR primer - any will work??? we use the N/T on ALL Foundation Classes (all students get one included in the price) we have HUGE success with them but use all CND products on them (obviously). Remember the nail trainer is their to help you learn - if you try and make it do something that would be uncomfortable to a REAL person, it will fight back :twisted: - ask either Debbie or Di who will be teaching you Wednesday to help you with the n/t - they're both brilliant with it!!! ;)
oh i thought that the primer had to be weakened or something, thats what it said on the EN video...makes it easier for me if i can use any system, the reason im asking is i want to practice the creative products on wed after i get home...the nail trainer glue cost's £7 plus vat so if i can use the normal glue i have or the glue i get with my profession kit on wed thats even betta...ta :D
There is no reason to use primer with the claw.
More than likely it will crack the 'nail plates'.
Thats why they must use a diluted primer... but still one must ask oneself... why use a primer at all with the claw?

Its not like she wont show for her next appointment cause they all pooped off ;)

they are lousy tippers anyway :rofl:

ps.. I split this thread as it was going off topic :)
Yea Sam your right,
I got the hand, I am polite, chat away, asked her what she has been up to. Use my lovley sculpt forms on her, do my stuff, ask her if she is happy............. does she reply no, does she tip no, but then again she never complains either, when I get the urge to practise at midnight........
so here is a big hand to the HAND.
Also on a more serious note, i have never used primer on the hand, I figured as it's all plastic, there would be no need, but I do sanitise and prep. So am I doing it right???? Cant ask the hand, she wont comment............
Love Ruth xxxx
hi girls...thanks for your advice...i answered a similiar question on yahoo with your answers/advice, another girl was asking pretty much the same as me, however someone else replied to me saying u do need nail trainer glue and primer...i wont use the primer on my trainer hand but ile try my usual nail glue later me finks...have a nice bank holiday vicky x :?
I use regular glue (CND gelbond to be precise) with my hand and it actually seems to work better than the stuff that comes with it. And no primer.

The only thing I don't like about the hand is the size of the nail beds that come with it. They are all so huge. Takes so much product !! There is only one, maybe two, smallish sized nailbeds that are a life-like size. Other than that it is such a cool mannequin for nail techs !
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