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Apr 5, 2003
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Nottingham , U.K.
Hi y'all :D

I'm still learning this nail thang...

Once I have the opportunity to do nails full time...

What do I call myself :?:

By the way...I'm a male nail tech soon to be nail geek ;)

Someone suggested 'Nail-him!' or 'Handi-Man' :!:

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to a name :?:

Thanks for your help & Grand Master Geek for such a brilliant website :!:

What an inspiration he is to the nail industry :fro:
Hi :)
I have found that most male nail techs go by their full name or a shorted version of samuel sweet, leighton denny etc,
Also male hairdresser seem to do this nicky clarke, mark hill etc
So maybe your name or a name you just use for work ?
what about The Nail Male....
Well I like the idea of using your real name..............
but maybe just your christian name and then just the surname in Capital letter..........
Just a thought

So whats the name then ?????
Just curious
Heard of a salon in California once that was called 'Nailed by a male'.

Can't say if its still around though ;)
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