The Untouchables


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Jan 9, 2003
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I'm wondering if they have a website that's up? I've heard so much about them, but am clueless of what they're all about.

I went to with no luck :?: :?:

Help!!! :(
... would love to say that Jacqui & Sue had the time but there is no website :( they do have a book (can't remember the name but will let you know when I'm back in work next week). Jacqui Jefford is a CND Ambassador, she is an appointed sub-distributor for us and she has co-written 2 books; she started working with Sue Marsh years ago and they created the Untouchables due to the fantastic work they did for the catwalks!! Anyway, a bit of info there... I'll let you know about the book! ;)
Their work is amazing!!! They used to have examples online but it's sorta...vanished!!! But they're brilliant :)
Hey guys ... I just happen to have an autographed copy of Jacqui's latest book in front of me :D and it's brillant ;)
It covers everything from your salon working environment to photogrphic and compition nails to what to do after ... becoming a trainer, presenter, etc.
you can order it online at

ps I hear they're working on another as we speak![/list]
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