Therapist does not respect manager- keeps coming to me


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Mar 14, 2014
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I employed a girl recently in the capacity of a manager despite the fact that she has never 'officially' managed. She has a good 10 years of experience in admin etc within the beauty field in one of those roles where she needed to do a bit of everything (admin, reception, some managing). She came as a recommendation.
The fact is she is struggling to manage. I was well aware that she may struggle initially but I felt that she had potential. She's looking to get trained in her own time in management.
Problem is that my therapist will not listen to her. I'm around often enough that I know she isn't making it up. She doesn't respect the fact that this girl is quite young (she has life experience, not school- only 30yo). An example is when therapist was asked to create a bespoke facial with the products she prefers (something my therapist has been wanting to do), she just ignored the request and a week later, at the weekly meeting, when questioned on it; made a fuss, cried a bit and came looking for me. On another day, she then sat with me to discuss how the facial should be- in front of and completely ignoring the manager. I was mostly unaware of this at the time and thought that she just wanted my input. Many more similar examples. I'm trying my best to be neutral but I'm getting a bit fed up with both.
The idea was for my workload to decrease which it has in many ways, but this is getting a bit much. I accept that you can't demand respect but can only command it- ok for me.... how do you get this across to both of them?

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Tell your therapist to get a grip and do her job which is to follow instructions from management!
Sound to me like the therapist is 'digging out' the manager at every opportunity!:(
Seems like she has an issue with her...probably because she isn't an 'actual therapist'.
Hairdresser's can behave the same unfortunately, a wee bit 'up them selves' at time's.
Bottom line is....she IS the Manager, and the staff need to get over it.:cool:
Definitely sounds like your therapist resents the manager, does she think she should have got the job?

You need to tell the therapist that you appointed this person to be manager because in your opinion, she is best suited to the role. You appreciate that she (the therapist) is excellent at what she does but you need a manager to concentrate on managing and helping develop the business and to reduce some of your workload.

Unfortunately, if she feels unable to work with her without involving you in every conversation, you will have to seriously review her role in the business.
tbh to me this is sounding like the therapist is the problem. How is the manager going to be able to manage her and have her respect her when you are allowing the therapist to whinge to you and go straight to you with problems or any assignments she was given by the manager. You should be saying no and tell her to speak to the manager about it. it sounds like she's jealous that it's not her.
Thanks for that. I think I sort of know it but just needed some 'tough love' and hear it from others : )
Therapist is quick to cry and very defensive and I think we all try to avoid that as its a happy space. I know I do!! Not good- I am reading books on assertively at the moment. Also a rather interesting book- 'too nice for your own good'. Lots of great tips and I'm guilty of most but toughening up. We're almost 2 years old now!

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