These thick white hairs damn it!!


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Feb 16, 2007
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Hey all,

Eyebrow tinting, love it love it love it EXCEPT when i get the thick white hair, anyone got any handy tips to get the blighters?

If it's only a few, I'd take them out. They never cover with tint for long. x
but you cant take them out if they are in the eyebrow surely!?
but you cant take them out if they are in the eyebrow surely!?
Of course you can. Why would you want to leave them there?
because if they are thick hairs and you take it out for example the centre of the eyebrow you can leave a gap?!
Ok...........let's start again.

If most of the brow is grey/white, then you have no choice other than to tint them all. However, my experience is that it rarely takes and if it does, it will only last a couple of days.

If you are talking about say 4 or 5 grey/white hairs, then I would pull them out, unless they are all together as, like you say, this will leave a gap or leave her with nothing.

It makes me laugh when people hang onto one or two brow hairs, even when they're long and white and age them.

You could of course send her to me to have new brows tattooed on and she won't have to worry. xxx
hehe yes a referal service i like that!!

so if it was just one hair, even in the middle just remove it?!

Becki xxx
OF COURSE!!! If it's not enhancing her features.........get rid of it. xxx
ok will do!!!
Be brave sweetheart. LOL Make their brows look great and it'll take years of them and they'll love you forever. xxx
i read that thread, but do you agree there is a big difference between a grey and a white hair?!
Actually there is no such thing as a grey hair they are all white!
ooooooo got me there sassy!!!! hehe, but some a thicker do u think?!:rolleyes:
Oh yes some of those thick ones can be mega stubborn. I have a client with grey wirey hairy caterpillars for eyebrows, I have to leave the tint on for about 10 - 15 minutes for it to take good and proper. Trouble is she then gets really bad roots coming through after a week or so ... but she's happy!
hehe eyebrow roots!!!! too much xxx

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