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Lil Ash

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May 13, 2008
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i done a lady yesterday, she normallys has the 3 teir lashes but decided to come to me to have a full set of semi perement lashes!!! but with the 3teir ones she said they used to use a box and a half on her, as she like the fake look..

so i done her lashes, even i ammitt they wont be the same as the 3 teir lashes ... so i done a full set she wasnt happy she had her own lashes missing couldnt fill the gap etc... and wanted them thicker i use super thick lashes which 0.25 14ml long.

can any one help me how to get them thicker and a fuller look. but she rebooked in with me. i know if i get her as a client she said she get all her 15 mates to come to me, as they all love lashes and being pampered.

also sorry to ask another question does anyone do bottom eyelashes as i think it set the eyes of alot better

thankyou x

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