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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hello all,
What system would you use if any for someone with thin nails, I was reading another article earlier and wondered what one would do if your nails had become very thin, due to over buffing or filing on the natural nail.

My nails have become thin in places also where I have practiced so much on my own nails and over buffed in the wrong places with out thinking. They become sore to touch where the bed is so thin, so would this effect what system is used?

Would it be best to use a fabric system in this situation?

Grace x
Ps I am aware that it is best not to over buff, however there will be times when clients arrive and have unfortunatly been exposed to a poor tech one would assume.
Well we have all done that, but no one would readily admit that.........
I have ask Faye and boy did she tell me off.............
Filing and tv def a no no !!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I used Fabric # system enhancements and it will all soon grow out...........If you also use Silk instead of Fibreglass you will find it will soften the rather red tone of the nailplate..............
Also a nice Voddy and Orange maks it all better too lol !!!!!!!!!!!

Ok seriously Fabric# is brill on thin nails.................. as thin nails are more flexible you will find that a resin based system will work brill, you get the strength of Acrylic but still have the flexiblilty of Fabric#.......

love Ruth xxx
hey thanks Ruth,

To my rescue you come again. I will use the fabric then, hopefully the creative fabric arrives inpost tomorrow, ooow I just can not wait.I will definitely use the silk as the red tones do look rather unprofessional I must say.

I will give the vodka and orange a try aswell, that sounds a real good tip.

grace x
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