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Oct 24, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I am new to the site so I'm sorry if I have put this is in the wrong place!

I completed a diploma in gel nails at the end of September this year. I got myself a full CND Shellac kit after to practice at home and use for family and friends. I absolutely love it so applied to a few of the salons in my areas to see if I could get myself a few hours at the weekends or on a late evening (I am in the last year of sixth form so they are the only hours I'm available) I didn't have any response, I guess that's because it is only a diploma so I was thinking of going mobile. Shellac is very popular in the area and I know a few people who are interested. I am qualified to use any gel products on fingers and toes but I would rather just stick with the Shellac.

I was just wondering what I would need in terms of insurance, I don't drive but I was only going to advertise in the local area and my dad said he can take me to places if its too far as he is not working at the moment. I have already spent £300+ on my kit and money is really tight at the moment, I lost my old job in the summer as I was only covering for maternity leave and I haven't been able to find anything else. I am going to New York in February so could really do with the money. I've paid out for the kit and the diploma and I absolutely love it so want to put it to good use! Hope someone can help

Thanks xx
Hi Hun, your best bet is to google 'beauty' or 'nail tech' insurance and go through them all and call and speak to them to see what suits you best!

Good luck xx
The Beauty Guild?
I have insurance through The Beauty Guild. It was £xx for the year, which I didn't think was bad at all. They'll cover you as a mobile, as long as you have qualifications for each service you would be providing xx

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Could you not work from home instead if you have no transport? Nothing worse than replying on other people.
I know in London and greater london and other boroughs they require a nvq which tho I'm fully qualified and a CND master painter with a mobile and home salon, I can't work in any place other than my salon and clients homes because of this, which is why I'm doing my nvq in the new year so I can plan for the future.

Always ask this when applying for position or enquiring about self employed renting of a table, as you could be breaking the licence which means the owner would get into trouble and you would plus your insurance could be invalid.

This maybe why your not getting anywhere with applying forr positions

I love being mobile and working from home and tho takes time to build up the business it's worth it in the end. You have to think that there's a good chance that you won't see a profit for quite a while.
You need to get insurance and check car insurance as some companies will want to know if the cars being used for a business, if your working from home then check your/parents house insurance s you'll need to let them know if you do start a home salon.
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Thanks everyone

I will look at the guild insurance, my diploma is guild approved so that should be alright. I did think about working from home too as it is easier, my parents are happy for me to do that but if clients live local I am fine to go to their homes if that's what they would prefer. Thanks for your help x

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