Thinking of doing complete CND course- advice pleas!


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Apr 18, 2012
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Hi All,

I’m new on this forum and I’m seriously thinking of doing the complete CND course. I am currently working in Retail Management and I always had a passion for nails and I’ve always done my friends' and family’s manis and pedis

As I think I have a talent and passion for it and really don’t enjoy retail that much, I am seriously considering a career change. However, I have a few concerns that hopefully you can help with :

As you probably know the complete CND course is very expensive and I am worried if after spending all that money I will be able to find a job relatively easily or setting up my own mobile business. Initially I will be working part time in retail or hopefully get a full time job in a salon. How realistic is it to find a good first job in a salon without prior experience?

My second option would be to stay in a retail part-time and try and set up my own mobile business. What would you suggest as a logical first step after completing the course?

Would the complete CND course be enough to get a good job in a salon as a nail tech or do I need any other qualifications like NVQ?

Can anyone give an idea of how long it may take to achieve a decent average salary in the mobile business?

Thanks for reading my long post and I appreciate all advice and comments.

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