Time management when removing gel for fingers & toes client


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Hi all,
What order do you do things in when your client wants both gel mani and gel pedi re done? Wrap hands then buff feet whilst fingers are soaking? I'm trying to be a bit more time efficient as I'm taking ages at the mo. Also do you buff and wrap one nail at a time or do you buff all then wrap all then wait 10 min before removal? I feel a bit silly not being able to figure this one out for myself! Any help much appreciated. thank you xxx


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For me, I have found it more efficient to buff and wrap hands, leave for the appropriate amount of time, prep hands, buff and wrap toes, paint hands, prep toes, paint toes.

I buff all before wrapping, so not one at a time.

I wrap the toes later into the appointment as I find the polish can reharden if the acetone is left on for too long.

Takes 1hr15mins as long as it's not troublesome gel from a dodgy salon. Xx


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I buff and wrap each finger until I've wrapped all 10. Then I go back and unwrap one, remove and do cuticle prep work together, I might file the nails now if they're short. Then I unwrap the next nail and so on. I check on the wrapping to make sure unwrapped nails aren't drying out. When I've done all 10 nails I'll file if not already done, recheck each nail, checking cuticles, shape and removal and give a final nail buff with a superfine file. I finish the mani and paint next, if I'm at a table. If I'm in a pedicure chair I'll do the toenails before I come back to paint the fingers. I work at a table if I don't know the client or she's a fidget.

On toes, if it's my work I just stay on one foot from start to finish without switching feet. I cut a toenail, file the nail and buff through the gel so there's hardly any left, then I wrap. I start with the little toe so that when I'm unwrapping it's little toe first. The gel is barely soft but I can still get it off without too much effort. I do the cuticle before moving on to the next toe. By the time I get to the big toe the gel is flaking off. I paint the toenails before I put the foot down. Then repeat with second foot.

If it's another salon's work I refuse the booking but sometimes a client just turns up with gel on and a "sorry I didn't get time to remove" face. When this happens I wrap both feet following same routine, but I remove from one foot and then move on to the second foot. The second foot gets removed and painted without swopping back to the first foot. I find swopping feet inefficient so I do it as little as possible.

The trick with toenails is to file off as much gel as possible. We're a Cuccio salon so we use their peel off base coat on toes as standard which means no wrapping! It saves foils which is my bit for the environment. I can't be bothered to recycle foil so this way I avoid feeling bad about landfill.


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I buff one finger and wrap. Then by the time I have buffed and wrapped the last pinkie the thumb on the opposite hand is ready to scrape off. I tend to do Toes first if the client wants both. I make them a cuppa with a bisquit so they indulge whilst I do their toes. I efile Toes x


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thank you everyone thats really helpful xx