tip and dip infills


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Oct 18, 2007
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hi guys..me again with another question!:rolleyes:
this is how I was taught how to do tip n dip infills

1.buff nails
2.dehydrate new nail growth
3.apply resin over whole nail...air dry
4.buff up

when I do this you can still see the new nail growth..can you after applying resin over whole nail dip more acrylic then after all 10 nails brush off excess powder then resin again then activator then 4,5??? would be very grateful for any help, thankyou x x x
can anyone help with me question.....please x x
can anyone help with me question.....please x x

i think we had a thread on it last week or so.
didnt you find anything in the search ?
yeah jus found one after i sent 2nd post
yeah jus found one after i sent 2nd post

was it any help, i dont think we have many techs on here using the tip and dip system.
i think victoria has quite a bit of experience withit though.
hiya, yeah it was handy... is tip n dip not a popular choice then? and if not why not? as the end result looks the same if you were using l&p...i was told this was a popular choice but you're right not many peeps on here do talk about tip n dip and not many people out there want it because they not know what it is! n they tend to stick to l&p or gel!! because I've been advertising. tip n dip and not many people want it... not long started out I wanted to learn this as is not so hard to learn n good for new people like me starting out but I want to go onto sculptured nails once I get better at what I have been taught..
may i be so stupid to ask but what is tip and dip??? i have never heard of it....is there a tutorial so i could watch/read about it?xxx
whats ur email? will send u info on it or type in salon search 'tip and dip/fiberglass help needed please'...thats one of my threads n theres a step by step on how i was taught to do dip n dip!
thank you sarah louise i have sent you e-mail with my e-mail address xxx
ok hun....shall we try you sending me e-mail!!!!! if you click on my name it will say send sj e-mail ....you try and i will let you know if i recieve it....i dont think we can just put our e-mails on forums xxxx
for infill's on tip and dip...i used to do any filing that needed doing....then prep...then resin in zone 3 and dip and activator .... if the apex needs doing (rebalance) then file down the whole nail and resin/dip/activator the whole nail building in a new apex in zone 2.
i have got ur email sj...sent u info on tip n dip
on step 7 I don't do the 'sprinkle' I get client to dip nail into a bowl of clear acrylic.... they've got to do it fast when it comes to dipping so its like in and out... if you know what I mean? and not dipping finger right into the bowl.. hope you understand
thank you so much sarahlouise i now know what tip and dip is !!!!!! thanks again hun xxxxx
thats okx x x x x
well i do sculpts...i can do tips but chose to do sculpts as i love doing them.i prep nail as normal,apply form,do zone 1 then 2 then 3.....i am practising reverse application!!!! i keep practising :grr:1 day it might click!!!!although i dont do it with 1 bead i do it with 2 as i read on here you can do it with 2 beads xxxxxx
thats cool so u do the pink an then the white?dont u sculpt the free edge first?...i wanna learn sculpts...but im just startin to get the hang of tips...sculpts is an advance course...so that will me my next step i think..how much did ur sculpt course cost u?x x x x
zone 1 is the free edge hun !!!!!!!i done essential nails where you learn from home think cost £300 ROUGHLY!!!!!! practise practise and practise with sculpts hun.....where did you learn tip and dip?xxxxx

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