Tips for intense lashes? please help!!


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Jan 18, 2012
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Hi All

I have recently started semi-permanent eyelash extensions, but I seem to have a lot of clients wanting katie price/essex thick intense individual extensions. Im finding it difficult to achieve such an intense look just purely from individual lashes, and have often suggested party lashes for a really full intense look.

Are there any tips on how to achieve this full intense look by individual lashes instead of using party lashes?

Would really appreciate the tips! thank you!

Posting to the same x
Bumping again as I'd also like to know :) x
I think you will find that Katie Price is known to have extensions for every day use but on public appearances she may even have one or two set of strips on top!!

You can only work with what you have, you lash every lash of your client with a suitable lash for their natural lash and you will get the best you can get.

You can advise your client if you like, that you can put a .25 or.30 thickness on but it is likely to damage their own lash and last a shorter period of time before dropping out or turning downwards.

H x
It is well documented that Katie price wears 3, yes THREE, sets of strip lashes at a time.

She does not get this look by lash extensions

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