Tips from Spain - for working in hot countries!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Well ... I guess The UK can be considered a hot country at the moment so Jo Carlisle and I decided we would put together some tips for working to your same high standard BUT in the heat.

First of all the problems you maybe encountering:

1. Product setting up much faster than normal
2. Greenies
3. Lifting
4. 'Untimely' rebalances
5. Products evaporating and polishes going gloopy.
6. crystallization??

The solutions:

1. It is perfectly fine to work a little bit wetter in the heat in order that you increase your working time. In case you think this will weaken your product ... don't worry. The problem in the heat is rapid evaporation. If you work just a tad wetter, the excess will evaporate before it spoils the mix ratio.

2. It is in the heat that NailFResh comes into its own. Green nail is more prevalent in hot countries because everything is so moist. Moisture on the nail before you apply product must be removed completely. The method we use here is ScrubFresh followed by NailFresh followed by ScrubFresh again. It really works to create a dry surface before you begin. Do each hand just before you apply.

3. Follow the rules above and if you can, switch to a heavier brush like the Ultra Sculptor to maximise adhesion. It's really important to press that product on to the surface and a heavier brush works wonders if you can handle it.

4. Untimely rebalances - Clients should ideally return to the salon every 2 weeks in this hot weather, for their maintenance. "Prevention is better than cure"!! Summer holidays - kids at home - the nice weather - all of these things contribute to clients getting a little slack about their appointments. You must stress that for the good health of their nails they need to be more vigilant during the hot weather.

5. Be extra careful about keeping lids on bottles - nice and tight. And on your dappen dish too if using Liquid & Powder. Your monomer will not be the same monomer you started with if it is evaporating in the heat.

6. Make sure you are not working in a draft or under an air conditioning unit or near a fan. All will cause rapid evaporation of your monomer and your nails may look as if they have powder on the surface. That's because they will have powder on the surface that has not had a chance to combine with the liquid because it has evaporated!!

Any other problems you may be experiencing .... just ask!
We hope this has been a help to some of you -- or at least an explanation as to why you may have been seeing some unusual things!
Very timely advice, as usual Geeg :D
With regards 2 nailfresh, would acid-free primer do the same?
Ive wondered 4 a while why we still have nailfresh, maybe youve just answered that :!:
Nail Fresh is still the best dehydrator in the world - and so quick. I have never stopped using it.

I personally do not ever use the acid free primer as I have never had the need to use it, either with Radical, R+ or the Original solarNail liquid. These things are optional not necessities. Use if YOU need to ... don't if yu don't!
when would you need to use acid free primer ? :?
Acid free primer is another option for the nail tchnician if he/she is experienceing lifting with the odd, awkward client.

Don't bother to use it if you do not need it. It is another aid to creating that dry surface that some clients require more than others.

Some use it all the time rather than take a chance on lifting.

I prefer to do the oposite and use only if I get one of 'those' clients where no matter how well you prepare the nails they STILL have a lifting problem. I actually do not have any of those but then I do not do the number of cients I used to either. 8)

Usually there is always ONE who is a problem.
thanks geeg for your reply
i use nailfresh then scrubfresh and i am not having any problems with this but if i do get a client that gets lifting where do you use acidfree primer after the scrubfresh
Yes ... primer is always the last solution before application.
Just to say a big thank you for your hints and tips. Being out in Cyprus with no AC at home can be a nightmare although I havent experienced many problems - mainly with polish glooping up!

Ive just received my Nailfresh today so it was great timing!

I do have one question though - when you are rebalancing do you still use these products or just on the initial application? Probably got told in training but cant remember!
You perform your PREP exactly the same for every application whether it be a rebalance or a full set. But remember to do your file PREP first before your NAIL PREP at the rebalance appointment.
Another thank you! :D
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