To Discount or not to discount?


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Jan 12, 2003
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I dont know how others may feel but I HATE the word 'discount' and I never use it!!

Maybe its something from my past but the very word sends BAD signals to me. Reminds me of cheap warehouses or goods that are not selling so they're offered at a 'discount' to get rid of them ... and hells bells, there is no way I'm worth less on one day than on another ... PLUS it doesn't make economic sense to me. :?

For instance. If I do a full set and charge $50 and I offer a discount of 10%, Ive just lost £5. BUT if I offer the client a GIFT with the service, say a bottle of nail enamel, it has only cost ME say $2.95 but the client gets a gift that would have cost HER $5-$6!! She's happy and I'm happy.

I'd rather offer a gift with service than sell myself and what I do cheap! What say you guys?? ;)
I agree totally on this one. Discount - no, never. Gifts are far nicer, let's face it everyone loves a freebie you just have to look at the cover of magazines to see that. Those tiny bottles of Creative Scentsation are ideal! And as for those mini Solar Manicures that were available around Christmas - please can we have more! :D
What a great idea!

I'm still training, but when I do start charging I'll definitely remember to give a gift!!!

Here are some much nicer words
Not Discount........but.......... Complementary
Not Discount........but..........Loyalty Reward
Not Discount........but..........Incentives

Love Ruth
When I'm feeling generous I give a 'complimentary' bottle of cuticle oil with each full set - valued at $9.95 (costs me $4.95).
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