toes? - split from a big tip


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Apr 28, 2003
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so whats the story on the toes
LOL....without FAIL, every time I do a pedicure on a new female client, they feel like they MUST apologize about the size of their toes, the shape of their toes, the condition of their toenails. They apologize because they didn't remove the polish before they came (that's my job) and if they have hairy toe-knuckles they apologize about them too.

I just never knew that women felt so vulnerable about their feet. It's been a real eye-opener. That's why it's so satisfying to give them such an awesome Spa pedicure.

Sorry, if you were thinking I had some juicy foot fetish stories...sadly, no. ;)
OK, so I`m not sure if I`m disappointed or not. Its very good, and I totally agree with you, but then those who apologise about their hairy toes always come back for waxing. Can`t be that bad can it??????
Oh's all good :) I charge to wax the toes.

I just find it fascinating that there is this big rehearsed speech about the condition of their feet as they are removing their shoes!
scratchmyback said:
Oh's all good :) I charge to wax the toes!

Wax their toes :o ? How much do you charge them for that? hairy exactly are their toes...can't say I've ever seen hairy ones :shock: - maybe I've been fortunate...or they make sure they've Nair'd them or something first!?
I charge only £5 for waxing the toes, it takes seconds as it is usually just the big toes that are hairy, but there are a lot of them out there that have them and don`t like it. Neither would I though, YUK!
I wouldn`t ever apologise for my feet (even though I don`t need to, they`re ok as feet go), our poor feet get quite a bashing without having to apologise for the poor things too.
Oh and Karen, get that vodka from sis and have a drink on me
Yes, if one has hairy toes, it is usually on the big toe knuckles. I charge an extra $5.00 to wax them.
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