Tommy tipee or Avent


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Dec 18, 2011
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Just wondering if anyone knows which sterlizer is best as i have heard mixed reviews and dont want to waste my money?
I've had both. There's no real difference - the point is, you need the matching bottles ie Tommee Tippee bottles prob don't fit in an Avent steriliser.

I hope you don't think I'm being harsh, but surely a question like this would be more suited to a baby forum. Also if you love salongeek, you may find once you get into a baby forum, you love that too.
Hiya, I've used both brands and preferred the tommee tippee, easy peasey to use and you can fit loads in it- plus they always have really good big packages including bottles, breast pump, bottle warmer, etc.
They're both good reliable brands though :) xx
I had avent with my first and they leaked constantly. I changed to tommie tippie with my second and theyve been perfect and cool down quicker too.

Tommie tippie do not fit into avent sterilizers. Well they do but you can only do 2 at a time :/
I thought you could post about random non-industry-related topics in Chit Chat? xx
Had both and preferred avent bottles as the lids easier to get off and the teat sits nicely in the ring where as I'm always pulling the teat thru the holder with tommee and gets frustrating. But tt are better value for money
As far as bottles are concerned, I wouldn't get Avent as they leak all the time, so I'd say go for tommee tippee :)
Ive used avent for both my boys never had a single problem, aslong as the rings are fitted in the neck properly they dont leak. I think the shape of avent makes it easier to grip when your baby wants to hold their own bottle too. Plus if you keep an eye out for the next asda baby sale, they always seem to have avent sterilisers, got mine for a tenner :D

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I thought you could post about random non-industry-related topics in Chit Chat? xx

Yes, these days you can. But surely you see my point? If we all talk about everything baby (which believe me, I could) then it's not really salongeek is it? And I think there's a difference between personal chit chat about babies and asking a product related question. Next it'll be Pampers or Huggies? Mothercare or Babiesrus. I have 2 babies myself but I don't want to see the forum flooded with baby related stuff.
I've had both. Preferred tommee tippee x
My preference was tommee tippee with my 2nd as had issues with avent with my first :)
Steriliser I have tommee tippee. U can put any make bottles in them. Bottles I started with tommee tippee small bottles then avent and then sr browns for a while. I'm back on avent. I went with what was on offer to tell the truth.
totally agree with ZoZo I have a baby myself but really cannot believe some of the topics that have come up, I could bore you all to death with baby talk but i come on here to look at salongeek not babygeek. just my opinion.

for the record i have avent. why not look online at reviews of both?

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