Tomorrow is the D-Day


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi guys and gals,
Tomorrow is the day when nailsinlondon moves to it's new location.
Boy are are we exited.
The new shop will be fab, completely professional enviroment.
the new furniture arrived just in time, by the time Faye got round there to have a look at it, expecting it to be still boxed up, the owner had arrange to have it all set out. I think he is more exited then us lol
So tomorrow is the day when we clear out of Ludgate Hill , put all the stuff in boxes, drop it round to the new shop and then, oh boy this will be a chore...............go to lunch at Covent Garden, buy some more Nail art stuff and then more coffee aso and then who knows, 2 girls out on the town springs to mind.
But Saturday we will arrange all the stuff in the new shop.
So wish Faye luck, this is her baby now, to nurture and make it grow even bigger and better then it has been before.
So GOOD LUCK BABE....................You know you will be fab..........
love ya loads xxxx MUM xxxxxxx

love to all others Ruth xxxxxxxx
Good Luck my fellow hunnys!!! You'll be even more fab at your new gaff Im sure!! Keep smiling n filing ;-)

well thanks mum, i am gonna work my little socks off, i wanna make you proud.
god i am excited, i love the new look and just cant wait to get me bum in my NEW seat :D ..........
as for chris bless him, he was saying we should have a massive sign here and this and that there and he has said ok to all that i have asked to do in my space. i think i will fit in perfect there...................
this is a new beginning and i just cant wait till monday morning........
oh and also i recived my geekwear baseball top in the post so i am gonna wear that tomorrow as me and mum are having a none uniform day.......... all i can say is covernt garden here we come.
well wish me luck ................ i have got everything crossed at the moment

also thanks mum for all the help and support and for understanding when i am stressed (or not being able to talk) :D
love fayexxxxxxxxxxx
will try to post some piccys off new shop and layout soon
is luck REALLY needed here :rolleyes: I think not - you have what it takes and a great support network - you'll be AWSOME!!!! :thumbsup: :tongue: :salute:

but good luck anyway xx ;)
i just wanna say thanks for all the messages of luck. I am touched by how much everyone belives in me. I want to make my mum proud in everyway i can. ;)

Again thanks to you all
love faye (well let everyone know how it went on monday) xxxxxxxx
The support Network is the best thing since sliced bread.................

We like to thank all for the support over the last few weeks, they have been scary, exiting and exhausting.

But Faye will be able to shine now, not having to crouch in the back of a dark shop. looking like Fagin touting for business...................

so here is to a new chapter for

I will take my camera in tomorrow so we can do before and after piccie, boy that will be an eye opner lol

So as we say here in my house
love to all
Ruth and Faye xxxxxxxxxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
looking like Fagin touting for business...................So as we say here in my house Tschuessi

Fagin :rofl: :rofl: god you are funny - and no Faye I don't think you look like Fagin :D what does Tschuessi mean and how do we pronounce it???
i thought fagin was funny but at the moment i sound like mutley as i have lost my voice completly cant even talk on the phone :(
i cant wait to sit in the new shop in the bright light , after sitting down the back in the dark for nearly four years....................
love faye xxxxxxxx
It means bye doesnt it?! As in Tschuss?

You pronounce the Tsch as a "chu" I do believe as my wonderful lessons in German have me remembering

It means .........See ya ..................
Chussy roughly like that it's the u with umlaut the one with the two dot's over the u, lol

I see we will have to have german lessons on here soon lol
Tschueesi lieblinge(Darlings)
Ruth xxxx

Yes Layla you are so right xxxxxxxxx
You will do sounds like a nice place, I cant wait to see the pic's. Best of luck to you, have fun shopping for nail art goodies.
What an exciting day!

Have a blast!


PS I've been in the UK for over a year now and I've only been to London once!! It is sooooo massive compared to where I come from...Perth, Western Australia....I felt like such a country bumpkin!
well yeh london is massive, i live on the outskirts and before i started working there i only went up there if it was with my mum or dad :D
but hey you get used to it, if ever you are in london give me a shout and we can all do coffee. Also thanks for the messages everyone , all i can say now is roll on monday morning.

love faye xx
Hi Faye
Seems like yesterday when you was so stressd with the old shop and now..........a new begining all the best to you babe you deserve it :D
And with a mummy like you have behind cant fail !!!!!!!!
You just go strut your stuff darling and enjoy!!!!!!!!!
Chat soon
Take care Dawnie and Mullie xxxxx
Ahh thanks dawnie and mullie, like you said with a mummy like mine i cant go wrong, thats an understatment because she wont let me fail.....
anyway i am just about to leave to go to old shop and clear all my stuff out............. then its shopping , i wanna get all new nail art stuff for a new shop.....
talk to you all later
love faye xxxxxxxxx
ps mwah xxx to mullie (i still want one)
Good luck Faye! :D :D :D

I admire your drive and enthusiasm - there's no way you're gonna fail! Anyway, you're already a success!!!

I hope it all goes well.

Good luck Faye, not that you need it, you`ll be great there!
As for making mum proud, you do that already.
Have fun, we`ll all be thinking of you and I might just pop in there some day soon
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