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Steph Dodson

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Apr 13, 2015
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Does anybody else find that once you have done your stamp and do your top coat.. Your top coat smudges the design?! I've found this will both gel and normal polish!

I get the design spot on.. I let it dry.. Go to top coat it and it smudges!

With gel, I've found that if I use LOADS of top coat it's ok.. But then when I use the finishing wipe to take off the residue.. It takes off small bits of the design!!

With normal polish, I can't seem to get a top coat on at all without it smudging!!

Please help!! Xx
Are you sure you're allowing enough drying time between stamping and top coat?

Also, it helps if the top coat is applied with a light touch iykwim, and not thickly.

I find using CND Vinylux for the stamping layer is excellent so far as speed drying is concerned, and have never had smudging problems to be honest.
Are you using stamping polish?
I use moyou london polishes. They are completely dry. I can push firmly on them with my thumb and not a single smear or smudge! But as soon as the top coat touches it, it smears!

It's so frustrating! X
Hmmm. I can only suggest the same as noodle and ensure you are gently floating the top coat so you don't disturb the stamped image. x
Hmmm that is odd, especially as it seems that your stamped image IS completely dry. I haven't used moyou stamping polishes so maybe someone will be of more help if they are a moyou user, however, you shouldn't be wiping away any of the image once your topcoat is cured. Could it be that you are missing small areas when you apply your topcoat ? Try floating your topcoat over your image so that the bristles of your brush dont come into contact with the surface and make sure you have covered all of the image.
Oops sorry Ciderella71 I've just repeated what you already said.

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