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Jan 12, 2003
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You have a client who has weak/peely nails, so I guess you would advise Toughen Up and 2 weekly manicures. How would you advise your client to use Toughen Up
ie. every other day?
every 2-3 days?
would they just keep on applying it and remove it after a week or 2 weeks?
would they just always use it or will it strengthen their nails and then they would need to use Stickey?
How long will it be before they should notice a difference?

You have a client who has dry/brittle nails, so would you advise Stickey? I guess you would also advise Solar Oil daily. Again how long before you should notice a difference?

At the moment I am still using Jessica treatment basecoats which I'm quite happy with, however I'm moving over to Creative Spa mani/pedi and would be interested in using Toughen Up/Stickey if I feel confident it will give the same results.

Here are the features and benefits for TOUGHEN UP

Toughen up is a ; Natural nail strengthener & base coat


1. A stickey base coat 1. Improves enamel wearability.

2. 2% DMU 2. Strengthens & toughens the natural nail

Sales Key:

1. Strengthens and toughens the natural nail and also provides a stickey base anchoring the enamel to the natural nails
2. Do Not use on overly brittle nails
3. DMU- a patented strengthening agent that cross-links the natural nail keratin, to make nail tougher.
4. A sticky base coat improves enamel wearability, in a formula that won't make nails overly brittle.

Full instructions are on the bottle.
There is no need to use Stickey if they are using Toughen Up as it acts as a base coat as well.
Clients can feel the difference almost imediately as the product actually add reinforced cross links to the natural Keratin.
Can be used on any type of nail apart fom #2

Certainly use Stickey on very brittlenails and SolarOil daily for all types of nails. With correct usage every day, again SolarOil will improve the condition almost immediately BUT the client will have to use regularly to see the benefits. If she stops, the condition will return.

You can have every confidence that the nails you describe will improve but just as with Jessica, the clients have to commit to the programme you prescribe for them. The main difference is that these products work on ALL types of nails and you are used to prescribing different things for different conditions. This IS more simple but just as effective.
Thanks Geeg
You can have every confidence that the nails you describe will improve but just as with Jessica, the clients have to commit to the programme you prescribe for them

How long before a client should start to see a difference?

Can a client use Toughen Up continuously or will the nails become brittle after a period of time?

Thanks Geeg, just having another thinking period :D
They can use Toughen up continuously except on #2 described above.

As for solar oil - if the nails are very dry and flakey - they should use it after every time their hands are in water to begin with and they can scale it down to morning and night after the condition improves. Probably 2 weeks or so depending how bad a problem they are having.
The skin surrounding the nail unit will also see a marked improvement.
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