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Feb 5, 2003
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Hi, this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right. :p I am training but certain members of my family are going to allow me to practice on them. (I'm doing a gel course with Nail Trainer). There are so many sites out there with products to order (not all insist you train with them first) that I simply do not know which way to turn. Can someone tell me where I can purchase products so that I can practice on my victims, A basic list of what best to use (Gel of course) and where I might obtain small stocks without postage costing a fortune. And which nail tips are most suitable for general use i.e tips which will suit most nails.
:oops: Jules
Hi Jules - I may have recently passed gel and acrylic courses but I'm still very much a novice. :oops:

I tend to get my materials from NSI in Manchester (they do have other branches too) - they have a webb site - they do trial size packs, so that you're not forking out for vast quantities only to find you dont like that particular product.

I work with acrylics - but they do all the gel products there too, I used to get gels when I started on the home learn course from them.

Take it easy - and dont give in! Believe me there are times when you'll want to!!!

Feel free to e-mail me should you want to - that goes for anyone on this site. I am a true novice - but love to get involved in a good old jangle about our favourite subject - NAILS!!!


Jules - hope you got a reply to your message to me. Not too sure if I did it right. Hope the information is what you were after.

Hi Jules, I'm a novice too and I have another thing to add to what Sue has said, Pop along to a couple of shows, Olympia is coming up at the end of March and it is fantastic. All the big companies will be there you can have some demo nails done with different gels on different fingers, you get to see how the pro's apply them,ask all the questions you want,and theres absolutely no sales pressure.Then of course over a couple of weeks you get to see which ones you feel meet your requirements (no lifting,yellowing, etc.)This is how I came to choose my gel. You can register for tickets on the Professional Beauty web-site.Hope this is of some help.


I loved NSI, their whole company is very professional. I too ordered some trial kits from them. Their postage is pretty steep though, at £6.50 per 10 kilos, its great for large orders but not very cost effective for small trial kits.

Their 'Elation' tips are supposed to be really good & very flexible, but I must say I tried them & found that they actually split very easily. I'm not totally convinced that it wasn't just me, as I'm very new to nails and I'm bound to have done something completely wrong.

I'm going to try them again though, when my latest lot of tips has run low!

kitty :meow:

Hi, check out They have several different gels including Reflex - soak off gel plus tips and all manner of things a nailtech would need.
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