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May 8, 2012
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Which is the best route to take? I've applied for beauty therapy nvq level2 at college wich will cost £600 plus kit cost uniform cost exam costs will I be better off saving and doing the Cnd full course as I'm mostly interested in the nails side of it.
HoThanks for any advice
what will you learn at college?

im doing the complete course atm as "i" believe it to be the best out there. if you do the complete course you will receive an itec diploma (equivalent to an svq3)

you learn theory (health and safety, col theory, nail history, disease - the list goes on)
brisa gel
itec exam
and you have all the help and support you will ever need hth

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Hi Hun in all honesty if your going to spend that much anyway I'd go and do your training with CND you get the kits with the course and is one of the leading names in the nail industry, I went down the college route ( am currently doing level 3 at college in the evenings) however my plan is once iv completed this I'm going to do the CND conversion, now I'm not slating college because I really an benefiting from going every week working through problems that Iv had and iv been lucky enough to get funding for college, however in hind sight if I'd got the money to lay out I would have gone straight to CND for l&p and to Calgel for gel ( that's the gel we are training in at college but obviously over a longer period of time than if I'd gone straight to calgel) hope this helps
I've just finished my training at college and if I could go back I'd do the CND training...I'm now paying more to do a conversion with CND!xx
Thank you, I don't want to spend all the money on a college course to then want to convert to Cnd best start saving :)

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