Training in permanent makeup

Discussion in 'Business' started by elisa falkenburg, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. elisa falkenburg
    Hi guys,

    I am going to start training with Nouveau soon and I am just a little worried I might not get anyone willing to model for me to complete my qualifications. I dont really know what the best way is to go about it, any tips?? Thanks xx
  2. PicklePie
    You could practice on pig skin? I once read this is what tattoo artists use when they start out. It may help to build your confidence
  3. elisa falkenburg
    It's more that I need to show before/after pictures of doing the treatment on people. Just unsure of how to go about reaching people who want this treatment done...
  4. PicklePie
    Maybe not then!
  5. leenie81
    I would ask friends or advertise on Facebook. As it's such a expensive treatment usually you might find people wanted to be a model for free that otherwise couldn't afford it.

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