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Kelly Mansfield

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Jun 16, 2003
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some truly unbiased advice on this one!

Dear Nails,
I've been receiving your magazine for over a year as I wanted to do a course in nail extensions. There are so many great companies and products about that I thought a magazine like yours would be able to point me in the right direction as to which companies could offer me both.

I find that all the companies advertise themselves so well - great trainers and products, and most of all, offer advise after the training, which I think is really important. However, over the last few months I've been trying to gain more information from certain companies - trying to find out the exact prices for training, kits and where and when the courses are being held. But I feel like I am getting such a negative response.
I give all my details over the phone, answer all their questions then wait ages before I actually receive the information - that's if I do actually receive it! I tried emailing, hoping to get a quicker response, but haven't received a reply from half of the companies I contacted.
How do I find the right company for me if I don't get any response?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this.
Nicola Minns
Kelly Mansfield said:
How do I find the right company for me if I don't get any response?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this.
Nicola Minns

Well if you are not getting any response then none of these is the right company for you.

Whenever a company advertises, you are only hearing from THEM about how great they are. Words are cheap.

Results are what count and a proven track record.
I initially trained with Grafton using Odyssey Nail Systems. Good product, but dare i say it, the follow up service offered was non-existent! The trainer herself was great and very helpful, she gave us her mobile number for any queries (very hard to reach her though) but the company itself really let her down! I enquired about any additional workshops/training etc with Grafton and despite repeatedly being told someone would call back, it was me constantly chasing! They obviously didn't want my business or to help me! When i did eventually get through they couldn't offer any further courses whatsoever. I certainly don't wish to bad mouth a company, but i was lucky enough to discover Creative (if only i had before :cry: ) and have since converted to Creative and am just sooooo happy!!! If i were advising someone starting out, i would recommend creative 100%! I converted at Milton Keynes, they are a friendly, kind, knowledgable bunch and the after-service is second to none!
Geeg has definately got it right. Personally I use Young Nails and I have always had wonderful service through them. But, that's just me... I know many people here are somewhat less than thrilled with the managment but I've been treated very well. I actually tried CND but... it just wasn't was I was looking for. While in class many of the students tried CND as well but most experienced problems. So we all branched out to find what worked for each of us.
I found myself in exactly the same position when I first started out. I telephoned many companies all claiming to be the best. I split my list into two parts, those that had the time to talk to me and those that didn't. Like you I had negative reponses from many, very unhelpful people on the other end of the phone who just asked for my name and address. Some sent inadeqaute information through, some nothing at all. Decide first which system you'd like to train in and talk to as many companies as you can, the good ones worth training with will respond to every question you need answered.
When looking for training it's important to consider a few factors..................
What is the Companies or Colleges education track record ???
How are the tutor selected???
Do they offer after Course tuition, like one to one tutoring ???
Do they have a mentoring program or practical Workshops ???
Do they offer further education to take you to the next level in Nail Enhancements???
Beginners to advanced for instance ????
Are you as a possible future student important to them????
Will the qualification gained, get you insurance ??

So for the ones that are dragging their heels replying to you, forget about them..if thats how they respond to enquiries.....god knows, how they run their education side of things..................
Anybody can advertise and make themselfs look good on paper, but the proof of the education is in the end result!!!!!!
This being a well educated and confident Nail Technician, that has had the best possibly education and support and is eager and keen to learn more and more and more....and doesn't have to be afraid to ask the educator or tutor for some back up support and more important been given this willingly........

And because the training standard was so brill, thats she is hooked on learning and bettering her skills for life...
Hope this helps
Ruth Fordham
When I decided to train as a nail technician I was lucky because my friend had already trained with Creative and had a few years under her belt - I didn't have a clue about how to choose a company to train with, she helped me. I did my training with Creative and cannot fault it. My educator (Jo Carlisle) was friendly and helpful and we had a small class (just three of us) which meant she wasn't 'spreading herself too thin'. Even though now I use EZ Flow products (just a matter of personal preference, nothing against Creative products, and you will NEVER stop me using their Solar treatments!) I am so glad that I opted to train with Creative.

I can't comment on EZ Flow training in the UK as I haven't had the pleasure, but can most definitely say that the EZ Flow training in Dublin (where I now live) is very good too.

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