transportation of retention+ help!!!!!


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Aug 15, 2003
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Hi Peeps yet another question from little ol me!!!
i am a mobile nail tech and for the past 3 years have transported my retention+ in the little 4oz tub/bottle.....refilling it as and when required. Problem is the seals on the bottle seem to have gone an it keeps leaking and it is ruining all of my other products!!! Help me please!!!! At the minute i am havng to take the large bottle around with me which is a pain in the a****
Does any body have any ideas what i could transport it there anything you should'nt transport it in (jamjar lol). and finally where can i buy it!!!
reply pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I have just opened a new 4oz retention + tub/bottle, do you want the empty one?
I shouldnt imagine any cross contamination or anything as I have used a dropper and you are using Retention + too, but someone correct me if I'm wrong please :)

my prob too for my mobile work! I use several of the tiny metal bottles from the sample kits which are great but I need some new ones ... rang creative and they cant help by sending me any empty ones unfortunately :sad:
Maybe we should start a 'Bottle Bank' for Mobile Nail Technicians!!

As long as the bottles are washed out and well rinsed and perfectly clean and dry there should not be a problem, but contamination is a concern that should be thought about carefully before transfering any liquids form one bottle to another. Creative would not be held liable for any problems arising out of this practice as they do not recommend it.
a bottle bank hey!!! NOt a bad idea lol!!! i have been transferring from bottle to bottle for years and have never had a problem......but as i have always used a retention bottle i am reluctant to use anything different.
Would'nt it be nice if there was a funky looking monomer bottle available that could be used again and again . The problem i have is that i don't really know what it can be stored in other than the proper monomer would completely dissolve some plastics!!
but as i have always used a retention bottle i am reluctant to use anything different. QUOTE said:
See my post above :cool:

oops i did'nt see that!!! If you don't mind that would be fab thank you sooooooooo much. If you let me know how much i owe you i will send it straiht away....u r a star!!! my email addy is [email protected]
thankin u
Hi, not sure if this will help at all... but I purchase Retention+ in the 64 oz. container, and transfer it to the 16 oz. Silver Bottle which I use to pour into my dappen dish for each client.

The bulk 64 oz. container is the best container to keep that amount of monomer in.. and..

The silver container works great to pour into the dappen dish- it doesn't drip or spill... as far as spilling when you travel- as long as you wedge it between other products and keep it upright, I would imagine it will be fine...??

Good luck, hope I helped! :D
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