Travel expenses... How much do you charge?


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Feb 23, 2012
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Clevedon, Bristol
As the title says

How much do you charge for let's say 10 miles for example

Or how much do you charge per mile?

Or how do you calculate the cost of your travel expenses?

Just trying to work out the easiest way to work it out as I have to swap from sending emails on the ipad to going on the laptop to work out travel...

Any suggestions would be fab! Thank you! :)
Hiya I travel for free within a 10 mile radius of my city and then charge 50p per mile outside of my city x
That sounds good I'm sorry if this sounds really dumb but lets say they live 20 miles away do you only charge them for 10 cus of the 10 miles free or the full 20? :) x
Hi sorry too but in, im trying to find out the best way im sure there is a website that approx tells you how much feul you would use from A-B which im going to start using (hope that made sence) lol i will let you know once i find it x
You can use google maps on the computer which is very good but it won't display it on the shortened iPad and iPhone version which is a pain so I'm trying to avoid it :)
Yer if they live 20 miles away I'd just charge them £5 travel for the 10 miles extra. Most of my clients are well within 10 miles of me so it's only really for weddings that I have to charge travel x
So obviously for consultations are usually free, so do you charge travel or just add the petrol money on later if they book with you? But class it as free? Any ideas? As I usually need to travel to and from consultations outside of 10 miles? Should I ask them to come to me to avoid travel expenses?

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