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Aug 5, 2004
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Am fairly new to using both minx and trendy wraps and although I totally agree with the majority of posts I have read, minx is a superior product, thinner and easier to work with. I have found that most of my client will pick a trendy nail design. I offer probably around 10 of each product and by far the TW designs are the most popular.

Do any of you find the same?
i use blixz and find it brilliant i have tried 6 brands of wrap and also find trendys a little bit thick however blixz pricing and designs are brilliant
where do you purchase blixz from, would be interested to try them.
ideal beauty products on 01159663796 if you ring them they will set up trade account for you and email you the designs you also get a stand to display them on
just had a very quick look at their site and they are more expensive than minx and TNW, £9.99. Is that retail price or professional and how many sets do you get per packet?

Hope you dont mind all the questions

no there half that to professionals you have to open a trade account as people were buying them trade and selling them retail so the high price on the site is tp deter that i was told there is sixteen foils per pack and they do application tools also
thanks will give them ago. do you think they are better than minx?

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