True spray t200 dial settings


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I just did my level 2 with sienna x yesterday and when it came to doing the tan the over spray was ridiculous. The Tan was beading on the skin, dripping etc. I asked the trainer what it was set to and she said 1 and a half turns.
I just wondered what everyone else did as I now think I have it to low when tanning at home. Although didn’t think there was anything wrong until she said it should be at 1 half turns.
I’m using 50ml per tan xx


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So, you only experienced the beading and dripping during your training, not when you spray tan at home? I'm not familiar with the True Spray T200 but if you're using 50ml of solution, getting nice even results with no beading, dripping or excessive overspray, then I'd continue doing it on the setting you've been using, not what the trainer said!
I trained with Sienna too. They told me 2.5 turns which is absolutely ridiculous.. I wonder if it was to waste more product and obviously order more.. I've marked my dial with a marker at 12 (gun closed) and probably turn it to about 7.. hope that makes sense.. I use less than 50ml but get great results x


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I find a lot of trainers make this mistake. They are normaly experienced tanners, they work faster so they have their solution dials turned higher. They forget this and train students (who are obviously a lot slower) to use the same settings as them. Which results in these issues. Turn your solution flow to whatever is more suitable for you. Spray onto a piece of couch roll. If it soaks through to the back, your gun is too high. Keep turning it untill its perfect for you xx