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Feb 11, 2012
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Has anyone use the website to but swarovski? They seem cheaper than other sites that have been recommend, but I know that's not always the best option... anyone used this site?xx
I have not used the site you refer to and had not come accross it when researching swarovski crystals previously but I just did a quick comparison to the site I use and a site that often gets recomended on here

For the small savings that could possibly be made I would stick with who I know and have used previously as I know the quality of their items, I know the superb service they give and how fabulous the customer service is too.

I think those things are worth £2 or £3 (from what I saw depending on how big an order you place the savings could potentially be from pennies to a few pounds).
Scatter crystals but I've got mine the last couple of times off nail delights is a trusted site I use them and they are genuine swarovski crystals
Iv just compared the two sites - beadsandcrystals 1440 crystals
scatter crystals 2058 crystals
That's probably why beadsandcrystals are a little bit cheaper because you get less crystals not because they are not genuine so in the end they work out about the same price all depends on how many you want
Also ellisons sell genuine crystals. X

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