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Jan 23, 2011
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Hi ladies
I'm thinking of getting the wax in a tube for my salon instead of cream wax, I'm just sick of the mess that the pot ends up looking like. I've had a little look and Australian bodycare is favourite at the mo. Going to see them at pro beauty. Has anyone used this brand or the tube waxing in a salon?
Thank you
I used this years ago and loved the wax and the application but it worked out so expensive to use and there was a certain amount of waste as you could never get all of the wax out of the tubes. It was also hot to handle and hard to control when there was less than half the wax left in the tube, they seemed too hot at that point.

It was a shame as the wax went on cleanly and easily with no dragging and very, very thinly. :wink2:
Thank you for ur reply :)
Anyone else? x
Ive used it but didnt like the actual wax all tube wax systems are based on the phD which was the original and i think personally is the best one around ;-) hope this helps xxx

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