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Apr 5, 2012
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Hey everyone. Basically I did NVQ level 2 at college part time for 2 years and qualified in 2006 when I was 8 months pregnant with my first. I couldn't do a apprenticeship as we had just bought our first property and had too many bills to pay so I was working full time in a hotel. So I never got any experience working in the salon etc. So over the last 6 years I've only really done a few family members, I feel I've forgotten most things and don't feel very confident. I have 2 kids and my husband works till 10pm so I cant really do a evening course. I've still got all my stuff from college in the attick. All my papers on salon saftey, and the theory side of stuff but could do with some visual help to refresh everything. Does anyone know if any websites that might have some tutorials or books I could buy to help? Thanks x

Would it be possible for your partner to request his rest days (days off) get changed to fit around you doing a day at college one day a week?

We had to do the same thing, we have 3 little ones and my partner works full time 6pm-2.30am his days off were every Monday and everyother weekend, my course is a Tuesday :/ anyway it was about this time last year I decided I was going to go for it, I applied at my local college and was accepted. My partner then put a request in writing to his boss and asked for his days off on Mondays to be changed to Tuesdays. He mentioned things like as he was a parent he had found out he was entitled to flexible hours etc, and parents have different employment rights etc (parental leave) which he'd never been aware of in the past. They accepted the change and were happy we'd applied so far in advance - they could wiggle the rota round!

Or, save and do some short courses, not sure who offers the best beauty ones ( i guarantee that someone on here will though ;) )I know CND are the best in the nail industry, and you could maybe do these when your partner is on holiday from work or kids are at school???

Hope this helps, good luck with whatever you do x x x
Thanks for the replys. I actually start my Cnd complete course in July and finish around November. I'm wanting to work from home as my youngest is only just going 2 so. wanting to offer a few different services to get my client base established. I already have my level 2 cerificates in hairdressing so don't really want to do the full course again. I'm not even sure if there is such a thing as a refresher course???.
my hubby is going to be using a lot of days off for my nail course so asking so cant really use any more x x

I'll have a look on that link. Thankyou x
Hiya hun you could do a refresher course at collage and there are hundreds of videos on YouTube to help you with some up to date cuts :)

Hope that helps good luck x