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Apr 6, 2004
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Hi guys!

Im wondering if you can help! This might sound really dumb but when you apply twilight powder do you apply a clear powder over the top? and then file over it if needed? ive just got some and not actually tried it yet and i thought that if you file over the glitter it might destroy it. am i right?! or just a bit blonde?!:o
hi ya i use the twighlight powder loads and i have never put clear over the top, when i buff and add solar oil you can see the glitter and its gorgeous! the glitter is all the way through if you know what i mean,
p.s not a dumb question at all, you ought to hear the ones i come out with.

janice x
cool thanx for your help! should i not file over it just buff?
just treat it how you would any acylic, but i don't tend to use my file not in the tip area just normally at the cuticle and down the side walls. unless i have made a boo boo then obviously i use a file to correct this. then what i do is use a white block buffer being carefull not to buff too much in the tip area bearing in mind acylic should be quite thin here. then apply solar oil (i just love this bit) then use shiny side of my koala to buff off any scratches. then give nail a wipe. and turn to girlfriend for a marvelous shine. hope all that makes sense i am creative trained so all my files products e.t.c are from them.

jan x
that makes perfect sense thanx very much! im doing my friends nails for her prom. shes got some fab diamante mikey jewellery and she wants glittery nails to match! shes gonna be blinging!!!
she most certainly is, good luck i am sure she's gonna luv em.
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