Types of bond weights to use on my clients?


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Jul 16, 2015
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Hi all.
I am looking for advice on bond weights for my clients hair. What sort of weights would you recommend?
My first client has very fine hair but my second client has mid thickness.
So many hair suppliers offer different weights but I don't know which weights to go for.
Thank you. xx
It all depends on the quality of the hair, I use beauty works and find that 50 strands is suitable for a client with thin hair for a half head. (Not sure about grams sorry) - This is because there hair is double drawn A grade hair. For a full head on clients I usually use 100-120 and the hair looks amazing. With other company's the hair could be thinner and you might need more strands. I am not sure as I have only ever used them. Hope that helps you out a little bit :) X
Thank you. I'm newly qualified to extensions so it can be a little confusing knowing how many bonds and which weight to use lol. I'm currently using euphoria one and prestige 0.8 and 1 gram bonds. The bonds are really thick but on my last full head I panicked when I finished as I didn't think I'd ordered enough bonds, lucky the women was happy. I thought 0.5 bonds weren't very popular but I have seen quite a few companies which sell them. Thank you for replying. x
People with fine hair need 0.5, their hair is sometimes weaker at the root and 1g can be too heavy and pull the root right out, I've seen 2g strands sonwhere along my travels you'd need seriously strong thick hair to pull them off tho
Thank you. Yes I have seen 2g bonds somewhere and thought they would be way to heavy. xx

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