Unclogging pores - Which treatment?


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Feb 6, 2006
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I'm looking into getting some professional help in unblocking some pores on my chin:irked: i've tried most over the counter creams etc and was also using Dermalogica for quite a while but nothing seems to unblock them:irked: I think it's time to get them seen to professionally! What would you recommend I ask for/what's my options? I'm hoping to get them totally cleaned out (extracted) and then to maintain but what with??
I spoke to some ladies on the premium counters in Boots about the microdermabrasion (sp) kits but they said these are for use after the pores have been unblocked - is this correct?
Any help or advice would be really appreciated :hug:
when you go for a facial your professional therapist will advise you on the best way to look after your pores, she will probably try and sell you a product from thier range to use at home. Personally, i wouldn't take advice from a woman that works on the counter at boots, she is a sales assistant not a skin care therapist!
There is no miracle cure but having regular facials which include an exfoliation and steam and extractions or a resurfacing treatment with for example glycolic acid (you cannot steam in this case as it is a strong treatment) will help to improve the clogging. Some of the smaller "black heads" are actually sebaceous filaments and however many times you unblock them they are just going to fill up again. The comedones, the larger looking black dots, should be more managable.

The black that you see is oxidised sebum and people with larger pores and more active sebaceous (oil) glands will have more obvious ones. The clogging on the larger pores is a mixture of sweat, sebum (natural oils) and cell debris (skin that has fallen in and got trapped helping to plug the pore).

Regular exfoliation and facials will reduce these "plugs" and also using the correct homecare will maintain the results. It would be an idea to call around salons and ask to speak to a therapist or to get them to let you know "how much success they have had in treating black heads" their answer will reveal a lot about their competence and their confidence in their skin care line.:hug:

Over the counter creams will never be as effective as salon brands and a skin care professionals advise is priceless. I am not a fan of microdermabrasion for long term skin care as there has been evidence of the professional type breaking down collagen if used repeatedly over a long period of time. However it can be effective to unclog the skin once in a while and really get the exfoliation process started. The machines you buy in boots e.t.c are not actually anywhere near what is used in a salon They are basically glorified sanding machines!- not advisable to use on any skin type!
you really know what your talking about so could you please advise which in your opinion is the best answer to unclogging my pores and keeping them clear? microderm I'll try once and see the results but I don't like the idea of it breaking down collagen so will not use this long term. how about the oxygen facial, what does that do?

Look forward to your expertise.

I would recommend either Crystal Clear microderm facial or Guinots Hydradermie facial if you are looking for brand names.Hydradermie uses galvanic current and high frequencey within the facial and is great for softening and healing blocked pores.Extraction is carried out after the galvanic stage of the facial and before the high frequency stage.I worked with this facials for over 12 years and the results the give are superb.hth

I was just wondering what products in particular you were using by Dermalogica? There facials are extremely effective at removing blackheads, I have seen really good results.

Becki xxx
If you purchase salon grade products and know how to use them, i hardly think you need regular facials at all.

Exfoliating regularly will do the trick as well as regular masks. (Clay masks will help to absorb excess sebum which will aid in unclogging those pores) And if you find your oily in those areas use a hydrator instead of a moiturizer.

So cleanse, exfoliate, mask, toner, moiturizer. Should do the trick!

PS: Vit C and A also work wonders for all skin conditions.

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