Under-18 sunbed ban in Scotland


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Jan 3, 2007
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Telford, UK
have not seen it but thanks for sharing.....

im sorry if i affend anyone but i totally agree...sunbeds are a danger....
they can give you cancer just like walking in the road ,you could get killed...BUT....walking in the road you know what your doing and you cross when its safe....sunbeds just are not safe....they should bring out a age limit...i have never used a sunbed because my friends did and died at tender ages of 30....we get enough sun damage from the sun...why add more by a sunbed....like i say im sorry if i have affened anyone with my comment xx:hug:
No, I know exactly where you're coming from, I too had a friend die from skin cancer and it's something I feel strongly about.
yep sunbeds cause CANCER, nevermind what they do to your skin - they are a big no no unless you want to look like a bit of old chewed up leather with skin cancer
i had not heard this but i think its great news

why not just ban sunbeds altogether, they are awful things

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