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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi all

It appears that a lot of therapists wear white. All the salons I've ever been to have been white. Personally, I wear black 3\4 pants and either a pink, blue or red shirt that are all embroidered. White is NOT a good colour for me - guaranteed I'll drop something on it within minutes.

All my advertising is in pink so that's why I like the pink shirts. Funnily enough I used to hate pink but I love it for my business cards. Esp being a massage therapist pink is a very healing colour.

I now have 2 different business cards - my original massage card and my new one with the waxing, tinting and spray tanning on it but the colours the same. Same layout but a different pic too just to tie them together and people know it's the same person.

So what colour is your uniform and does it reflect who you are and your business and the image you're trying to portray? and Do you think that some colours are more client friendly than others?

I always get comments on my red shirts saying that the colour really suits me.
well of course, they only ever supplied white, and when they started doing black I was one of the first in the list, I HATE WHITE.

Now I've got a brown assymetrical tunic with chinese collar and get loads of comments on it.
I still use my black one if the brown one is in the wash, but I am seriously considering ordering 2 more in brown but paying extra for embroidery.

I wear brown full length trouseurs to go with it and it seems to suit my overall image. My business cards and leaflets are in mustard gold with an orchid - very spaesque.

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