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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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could someone please tell me if i need to get my unit 19 nvq i have already got the Advanced nail techniques diploma but should i also do my unit 19

Hi Caroline,
I`m not sure what the advance nail techniques is equivalent to, but I do believe you will need unit 19 or equivalent by next year when they bring out the new legislation.
I have a VTCT and that will be enough for me I am led to understand. Perhaps someone out there knows for definite
The advanced nail techniques diploma is a vtct qualification as is the nail art diploma i have that's why i want to know if i also need to do the unit 19
I think either Jacqui Jefford or Anne Swain are the best people to talk to about Unit 19 - things are continuously changing and it can all get rather confusing :huh: When you think you're got all... hey presto - they tell you you need something else :rolleyes: !! We have worked long and hard on changing the original C19 etc and JJ was instumental in this - she also used all CND Master info to 'up' the college qualification!! If either of you or anyone needs more indepth knowledge on this, call HQ first and speak to Diane Plummer - if she doesn't know the answers, she'll refer you probably to JJ and will pass on her number (don't know it off the top of me head) :? Hope this helps some!! ;)
Hi girls in my opinion, you can never be over qualified.

Here is a take out from NVQ info sheet.............

It is a “National Vocational Qualification”. An award that is based upon your performance, as well as your background knowledge. It is not just an exam where you pass or fail, and can be taken at your own pace. NVQ’s are divided into units. Unit 19 is the unit of Beauty Therapy Level 3 that is concerned with artificial nail structures. A nail technician will only need to complete Unit 19, not the complete NVQ unless you will be offering other beauty treatments.

What is involved in the practical section?

You must have knowledge of all three systems but only need to be competent in the use of one. You will need to fit three full sets, one on bitten nails, one on natural nails and one with free-formed sculpture. Also 3 re-balances and a full removal. Use of French, light and dark varnish. You will need to work on one problem such as claw, spoon or fan.

What is involved in the theory section?

You must have knowledge of the natural nail, its structure and growth, contra-indications, disorders and diseases. Also the main rules of COSHH, health and safety, first aid, sterilization, product and chemical knowledge, contra-actions, problem nails and aftercare. You can complete most of this at home from the workbook that is sent to you after you enrol. There will also be written and oral tests that you will do at your practical assessments.

For any more info on the NVQ go to this link
http://www.netnails.net/ K-Sa-ra website

So you see this NVQ covers a lot of stuff and it makes shure that there is a sort of training standard. It's still under debate wether it will be remodeled.
If you have vtct or other recocgnises qualification then you wont have to sit it, but working in London will be impossible soon without one, Westminster has already got that ruling and other boroughs will follow.
So I for one will be doing it soon, and a few other courses too.

love Ruth xxxx
AS Ruth says, the unit 19 is only mandatory at the moment in the westminster borough BUT it gets worse ... they do let technicians work if they can prove they are signed up for it and doing it!! Which means that there are completely unqualified students still working in Westminster!! You have a certain time in which you have to complete the course, but WHO CHECKS?? Has anyone ever had Westminster council check to see if in fact they have completed the unit?? I wonder :shock:
Yep that true Geeg,
who checks who I wonder.

We had to relocate one of our concessions recently and we looked at various places within the Westminster borough. Not one Salon owner knew about the NVQ exept one, so that was one out of quiet a few lol

Once you are registerd for you NVQ you can work up to a year whilst taking your NVQ. So no legislation there and an untrainded Tech can do a lot of damage in one year.

The only way Westminster would know that there is a Techie on the patch would be if that Tech would apply for a special treatments license which is about £ 37.00 The shop will also require a seperate treatment license about £700 . But if they dont register who would know??????
So it's not just the training that needs to be looked at but also Licensing law aso, oh god what a minefield me thinks....................

Love Ruth xxxx
Hi all,

westminster borough kind influence all... after Tracy Leja, Shar Gazzard and my Ma (Celia Portway) had a meeting at Croydon town hall back in September last year, with all councillors who attended regarding the dreaded MMA, the london borough of havering in essex prohibited the use of MMA after April 2003

AND, any nail tech providing a service in a salon or mobile must be NVQ or equivalent qualified, or must be enrolled on a course, after April 2004.

To this day, Non standard salons in our area are still using MMA, and as gigi said 'WHO CHECKS?'.

Hope i didn't make this sound too confusing, I'm still getting used to having more than only 3 hours sleep due to samuels intensive training schedule last week at the 'institute'!!!!!

Maybe we should point the powers that be to the Secret Sacred Site of Nail Technology to read our comments!!!

That should liven things up in the boring corridors of power!! Can you picture it? :D They'd never get anything else done for reading the message board all day -- that's what it has done to me and quite a few others by the look of things!! Thanks Geek.

Does anyone know the local college that offer the NVQ level 19 in the Camberley/Farnborough area??

I have made enquiries with many colleges and no-one seems to do it.

Can anyone also confirm when the deadline is next year? That you have to have this??

Thanx you.
I am currently wearing my tin hat to protect me from any flying debris coming my way LOL.

I have on several occasions looked into the possibility of doing the NVQ through local colleges. I personally think it is a joke for a blanket regulation saying we all need to have the NVQ to work as a nail tech. The standard varies so hugely depending on the tutor. I am afraid that it is only the very lucky ones who will come across the likes of Anne Swain or Jacqui Jefford through doing a college course.

I did enrol and start to do the NVQ locally but before any money changed hands the alarm bells started ringing when my tutor asked if I could do acrylic nails. I said yes and produced my tips - no she said - acrylic nails - I then said do you mean sculptured nails (in the nicest possible way LOL).

I think there should be a standard of qualification that gives various options say - the following being acceptable - Creative Foundation, OPI, EZ Flow etc plus regular updating of skills to renew your "license". But again as has been said before - who would check.

I am all for a standard within our industry to stop anyone buying from say wholesalers, "irresponsible" suppliers and E-bay and then setting up doing peoples nails.

I also think it is important to have a a recognised manicure qualification before doing enhancement training - but then I would LOL. But again unfortunately this training is only as good as the tutor.
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