Unwanted polishes .............


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi ya all, :D
right I thought and thought and thought, no wonder I need a drink ..........
BRB.............. ok got drink so here it goes.......................

I am due to clear out all old polishes, we do this every spring/summer.
I have tons at home, under the bed, in the cupboard, in the corners, you get my drift???? :huh:

I know that Georgina Ackers ,hope I got the name right , wants some for a school project, but does any one else here know off any other deserving
cause ???? :queen:
they are not gloopy but just not the colours i want anymore................
so maybe we could have a "Nailpolish Bottle Bank" ????? :joker:

Just a thought, what do you all think ??? :batman:

Love Ruth xxxx
a bottle bank is a great idea, any spare unfinished vodka will do nicely thank you........
Seriously, I usually give my polishes to youngsters or for stalls on fetes. There must be something more productive we could do with them
We donate them to the local women's shelter or to the local beauty school. Supplies in the schools are pretty slim pickings so the students really appreciate them! ;)
some nursing homes offer free manicures to their residents and they are a worthy donation of polishes!!
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