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May 12, 2003
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Okay, I need some advice on working in a salon.

I have been offered a job as a Creative Nail Technician, in a new Sun Salon that has opened. As the man who is offering the job is renting the premises he cannot sub-let, and therefore wants to take a lucrative amount each month. This will be 35% of what I make, as I will be self-employed. They provide a desk with extraction ventilation, and I provide my products.

Does this sound like a good deal to you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I have a meeting with them tomorrow to discuss the full details. I haven't signed anything yet, and I don't intend to until I have the contract checked by my Solicitor, and until I have spoke to my accountant to work out my costs. (I also need to get a solicitor and an accountant tomorrow! So it will be a busy day!)

I asked the Lady who trained me, and she said that it sounds like a good deal, providing I state that if I should leave through any reason, then the clients are mine, and not the Salons. And that I advertise through my own name and not theirs.

I also think that the money I make from selling products should be mine, as it can be my extra way of earning that bit more for myself. ;)

What opinions does anybody have on this? Whether it is good or bad, I don't mind, but any would be appreciated. :)

Thank You :D
....after reading your post, I think 35% is a lot - lets say you do 5 clients a day and average £100 p/d which is £500 p/w (we're talking just to begin with) - he takes every week £175 per week x 4 which is £700 p/m and you haven't even bought any product yet. What about tax, nat ins etc?? Wouldn't it be better to 'rent space' from him, a flat monthly fee? Ruth who posts on this board under nailslondon1 will I am sure be able to add plenty of comment here as she has been in this situation! Hope this has helped a little... ;)
Hi ya,
Well the 35% seems a little high, is it prominent high street?
I pay 25% for prime locations in the city of london.
As for the contract, make sure it has a get out clause, like giving notice x amount of weeks either way. Go for a trial period of say 3 mths, to see if you like them and they like you.The client record stuff can be covered in the contract too. Include also your hours of trading,i.e either x amount of hours a week or mon-sat from x-x hrs. This means he will make sure the shop is available for you to work in during those hours.
Also cover the shop staff, will they take your appointment?
Will they hand out leaflets on your behalf?
Will they get free nails from you or nails at a discount price?
Can you place posters in the shop?
Will your stuff, stock and implements be covered by his insurance?
Will you need a special license to trade from his premises? Contact the local council for this info. license department.
When he does promotional stuff , will he mention your business on there too?
Will you be able to hire another technician, without the owners permission?
Will you have the freedom to run the nail business i.e special offers, promotions without interference?
Will you be a key holder?
Retail should be all yours and not inlcuded in the days %.

You could do what we do

We are www.nailsinlondon.com @ the tanning shop
and also www.nailsinlondon.com @oasis hairdressing

It advertises you name but also tell people where you are

These are just a few pointers, not written in stone, but should help to make sure , that you as the renter and him as the owner know where you both stand.

Hope this has helped
Love Ruth xxx
It isn't in a main town, it is in a place in leeds and its on a side street to the high street.

Your advice is brilliant, but may I ask what you get for your 25%? Is that off of the profit you make, or the price you charge?
The 25% I pay is for the space rental.
It's 25% of my takings (the money I charge) excluding Retail, thats all my own.
For that I get The Desk, reception takes bookings Retail area. So I am left with 75% out of that I have to pay for my products, tax and insurance aso.
I would go for 25% as it isn't high street. Barter with him. With a push tell him you go to 30% in say 9mths time with a review on the trading. This gives you time to get established and if it aint so great you can stick to the 25%.
Bear in mind it will take about one year to get off the ground.
Good luck
love Ruth
Well, I get a desk with extration ventilation, they part advertise for me, and I have an option of what hours I work, but they will be open 7 days a week.

The shop staff will take my appointments, as well as myself. I am covered my their insurance, but would prefer to have my own , as I plan to go mobile some days as well. Also I just want to be safe as far as insurance goes, but they have me covered for break-ins.

He will mention me in promotional things, as it will attract more business his way, and it's 'You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours' type of thing.

I can run any promotions without interference but just need to make them aware of them. If business goes well then they will be looking at hiring another technician with my permission and opinion.

They are fresh opening the business, and if things go well, would be interested in me moving forward with them to bigger locations etc.

They seem quite flexible, it is just this 35% that is concerning me, as they say they have done their research and this is one of the bests offers. But in all fairness, they haven't a clue what my products cost me or anything, so they can't really say that.
Well why dont you do your own research and ask techs in the area what they pay ????
You can still have your own insurance, so that you are coverd for product
liability and spillage on clients clothing aso.
As for hiring another Technician, would he let you employ a Technician and then you pay her wages. So you get payed on their productivity and then pay him the cut on total nails takings???.
Thats how I work.
Well did, now my daughter is a partner in my business. But it took her 3 1/2 years to become my partner.
just a thought
I have learned the hard way as Samantha and the geeg will tell you/
love Ruth xx
I tryed calling round a few places in the area, but most of them pay a set rent. I can't do this as they can't sub-let.

Then I called a place in Leeds and she said I need 12months experience before I will be any good, and there is no point in working in the area as I won't earn enough, but would I be interested in working in her salon, so I could get experience for 12 months first.

Basically, she put me off completley and was of no use as she just wanted somebofdy to work for her instead.
Well if they are all on wages or flat rent , then he cant compare it really with a 30%. Ask him the how he came to that figure.
Also just tell him that in London, where everything is deare the average rent is 25%.
Just barter like mad, but get your figures straight, so he know that you are a business woman too and that you want a deal that will work for both of you, maybe meet in the middle if all else fails.
love Ruth xx
Thank you very much for all your advice. I am going to go to sleep now, because I need to be in business woman mode in the morning. :D

But if anybody has any more suggestions while I am sleeping then I would love to hear your views. I will check in again in the morning anyway.

Take care everybody and sweet dreams. :D

I have no business advice for you, but I just wanted to say "GOOD LUCK!" for today. I hope the negotiations go well.

Hi Beautiful,
I am in Essex and although its in a completely different area to you, I am now renting space in my second salon (cos the first was too quiet) and in both of them I only paid 25%. I will go over to paying a flat rent once I`m established but for the time being its % on what I take. Don`t pay more than that pleeeeeeease, he`ll be ripping you off. You could easily find somewhere else.
Good luck!!!!!!!
Hello BN03

I was wondering how the meeting turned out for yuo? did you get a better deal from these people or did you get a space somewhere else?

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