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Jul 27, 2008
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north west
Hi Guys,

I'm doing a colour correction on Thursday on a lady who has been to the hairdressers for a full head colour, she wanted a browny red but has instead got a bright red. She now wants to go back to a brown. I was going to use L'oreal 5.07 on mid lengths and ends to counteract the red and 5 on the root area, however L'oreal has discontinued the .07 range and now I am at a loose end.

I found that Schwarzkopf do a .33 which is used to counteract the red tones,

My question is this: What is the mixing ratio? I'm presuming that I am adding the .33 to my target shade of a 5, how much do I add and what % peroxide am I to use?

Thankyou in advance x
Do you have INOA in Loreal? They have .07 in them there's a 5.17 which would work a treat

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