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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
One of my clients has just called to say that she has caught a nail (gel overlay over white tip) and that it has torn. Unfortunately I had obviously managed to get great adhesion on this nail as her natural nail has torn as well. She says it is torn very far up (into the pink area), it is painful and she is worried. I have not seen it yet so it may be better or worse than it sounds.

Is there any way to repair this without risking overexposure with either gel or L&P. I am due to visit her tonight at 7pm

help please??
hi ella

don't know if i can really help that much but i think i would just wait and see how bad it is if it has gone down as far as you think then i would be very careful its hard to say unless i see it
sorry i couldnt be much help but wish you luck let me know how you go

what part of cornwall are you from ?

good luck vic
Right Hun,
This is what you can do.........
Just make sure the nail isn't pooring with blood........
Sanitize the little devil, take some resin and put it into the torn area.........

Gently move the split appart, resin and then squeeze back into place......
File down product gently, otherwise the repair will look thick and bulky, replace gel, just like you would if you did and infill, but make sure you reinforce the stress area.................

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxx
thnks v much for your help. have just come back now from client's house, and was pleased that the damage was actually not that bad. I think I will get some silk or fibre glass for future incidences of this.

She is very happy & has asked me for a load of business cards as she works in a shop and keeps being asked who does her nails. Great result!
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