Using Goldwell on brassy roots???


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Nov 3, 2010
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I have colored platinum/golden blonde hair, original hair color is medium brown with a lot of red and copper pigment. So I am having trouble finding a hair dye that can neutralize red pigment in the roots, and make it an ashy baby blonde color.

I tried 8.1, 9.1, 10.1 of majirel with 6% and with 9 turns into a caramel brassy color

Then I tried 901 S from Majiblonde with 9% and it becomes a yellowy gold colored, and 2 weeks later becomes brassy.

I want to try goldwell, because I know they are very very good with blondes, and they have violet based dyes with possible additional ash ash cream dye.

What do colors do I use from goldwell to achieve that ash baby blonde color on the roots?? What are the reference number of the dyes? and how do I mix it?

(keep in mind that I want this on the roots only, so that I can maintain the pale whitish/golden blonde at the rest of the hair)
Is your profile filled out correctly, as it says you are not a hairdresser? The site rules are that we can only give pro advice to other hair pro's.
If you are not a hairdresser, my advice is to go see a good colourist and let them solve this problem.
actually yeah. I am just starting out in the business. I just changed that in profile...i didn't know how to.
helllo iv been using goldwell for a few years now from what you have said i would use goldwell 11a and blonding ash aswell which will give it a extra half a level of lift you might have to keep an eye on it because it can turn to ash very quickly it can stay on for an hour as its a highlift and usually the last 15mins is whenit will lift out gold/ brassy tones hope that is of some help to you :)
Thanks xcarlamorganx.

Could you by any chance tell me how to mix the tint? Do I mix the blonding ash along with the 11A, or do I use it separately? Also do you know what tone the 11V (special blonde violet) would give?
i know you say your startin out in the biz (so im assuming your at college or training in salon?) but i think you'd be better off getting it done were u are training, watch how they mix it, what they use and ask questions as they are doin it as these are really basic questions you asking and is the theory u learn before you start colouring. Hths xx
hey lauren 89, yup I am indeed starting out, but the brand I am used to working with does not have blonding ash creams and a variety of other things. I use L'oreal majirel, majirouge and majiblonde and i am fairly good with using that brand. However I never used goldwell before, and where i am at they don't use it as well. As far as I know, I don't know a place where they do use goldwell which would be useful to see see for myself how they mix it.

I know that for the 11 series i will have to mix 2 part developer to 1 part color. But I am just confused with the blonding ash cream because like I said I never used a brand that has it. So any tips there?
have you got any regrowth at the moment? No, don't mix the blonding ash cream with the 11a. Xx
Yes I do actually. I already have my back up majiblonde 901 S tube with me, just in case I don't do it with goldwell. But I will be trying it
i find goldwell lifts to lighter cleaner blonde than majiblonde. So personally I would touch your roots up with the 11a and the % you usually use. For the last 5mins either water the colour down or mix up some more with 3% if you jus want to tone the ends or6% if you want to lift and tone the colour on the ends.
I would water it down, but I do know people who prefer to mix fresh.
Hths xx
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