Uv Gel Over acrylic tips ????


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Jun 4, 2004
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I'm new to 'doing nails' and just wanted a little advice.

Having paid someone to do my nails 'yet again' 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to start learning to do them myself and saving money.

I'm hoping to do a course after the summer !!

In the meantime I've just started to do infills on my nails which were originally liquid and powder.

I have also started to practice using uv gels and wondered can I do the infills on my liquid and powder nails with the uv gel ???

Or is it best not to mix ?


also where is the best place to get a Nail trainer ?? (second hand would be good)
I am assuming from the quote yet again - that you have had a bad experience with having nail enhancements.

Personally I would recommend you wait till you been on a course before you start doing your own nails. - maybe the nail technician who was doing your nails to thought that she might be able to apply them after watching a couple of applications - you get my drift....

In the interim you could visit a Nail Techician on this board who is local to you I think Lesley is in congleton, and get your nails done by a professional until you have at least been taught in a classroom by a educator?

Just some food for thought and I really hope you find a good course - do searches on this board there is lots of information and comments on various educational programms around the country...atb
Sorry I didn't explain myself better in fist post.

I used to do my own nails about 10 years ago using acrylic and powder, having practiced on a practice hand.

So this isn't my first attempt at doing my own nails.
Due to marriage and baby ect I stopped and paid someone else to do it, but I find this expensive and would like to learn to do them professionally.

My house used to be a shop and if I'm any good I'd like to eventually open a nail bar in the 'Front Room'.

I can't afford to do a course until end of summer at least.

In the meantime I have just started practising again and started using uv Gel ( I bought a cheap Rio UV KIt from argos to practice with )

As I'm going on Hols On Monday and Can't afford to pay to have them filled professionally I'm doing it myself.

I just wondered If I could use the Uv Gel to Infill my Acrylic and Powder tips.

Just spent all morning buffing and chasing lines !!!!

Apologies if this sounds snooty, it's not meant to !!

Thanks Again for all the advice so far

You dont want to be mixing systems, soak of your L&P and re-apply gel.
Sorry Louise, I disagree as long as the nail is prepped properly there should be no problems with overlaying the liquid and powder nails with a UV gel. However you are more likely to have problems with lifting etc by not using a professional product.

Be very careful when trying to do a home job - it is like trying to perm your hair at home yourself if you dont know what you are doing - you could end up with problems.

Be careful not to overfile your natural nails and cause thinning and redness.

The money you have paid for your Rio stuff could have more than paid for you to have them done professionally and then wait until after the summer to do a good quality course.
Really, I thought it would look odd aswell
Thank you both, I do value your opinions as you have experience and I have none.

I know I may have wasted money on the rio system but I really only bought it to use with practice hand ( also appreciate that without guidance I may pick up bad habits )

But It's not just paying to have them done once, I'd then have to pay for touch ups every two/three weeks and we just can't afford to pay for that.

Anyways,I Have just finished doing filing and decided to use liquid and powder as I was looking for the quicker option (Gel) and I realise that was foolish, especially as I've only done 2 sets of Gel nails and it would be unwise to practice on my own nails.

I realise the importance of getting is right as I've suffered from ridged and split thumb nails for a few years now due to a very bad experience in the past.

Thank You .... again

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