UV Gel pots or bottles and less-well known brands?


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May 2, 2012
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This is POSSIBLY going to sound like the most pointless question ever! and it's probably one of them things that i'm looking into far to much..
but is there any difference between the UV Gel coming in a little pot or a bottle? other than the amount you get? Also from a pot of 5g, how many applications roughly could you get? (appreciating it depends on different factors)

I'm doing a UV gel course shortly, and have been doing some research into less well-known brands. Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to be able to go for a big brand like Shellac etc but financially I can not afford it at the minute, so intend to get a slightly cheaper brand to practice on my family and friends to see how i get on with general application etc
Any recommendations?

Thanks so much
and please don't get cross that i'm not going for a big well known brand :) haha
The problem with the lesser-mentioned ones is they're probably problematic application-wise as well as wearability. So in the long run, you'll end up paying more plus take more of your time just to get trained with better quality products. To be trained in quality products does look a lot at first, but in the long run it's well worth the price. And when you factor in what's included with the training in some of these better quality companies, it's basically almost free cuz they give a lot in the student kits. (when you tally up how much each item would cost individually, it's a bargain!)

As for your question of gels. Gels in bottles are gel polish. They are of thinner consistency than potted gels and are soaked off. Potted gels are either soak off gels (used the same as bottled gels but are of thicker consistency) hard gels (used for extensions, and can only be buffed off).
thankyou for your reply Chickafish
I'll definetly have a look into training with the bigger brands and see what's what :)

thanks again!

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