UV lamps?


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May 19, 2012
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I currently use the brisa lamp from CND I am thinking of getting a led lamp to cut down my time I use opi gelcolor and it cures fine in my lamp at 2 min Minutes per coat but 30 second cure time sounds nice any suggestions on what lamp to buy or pros cons
I'd always suggest the lamp that goes with the system you're using... :)
Any ways I've got 5 different lamps (4 different systems) one of them
Is an led lamp... Well the best thing about is that is fast... But... The major reason why I'd say it's not really worth the while is that time wise I can't really do the other hand that quick anyways ...
Hope it makes sense :)
This has been covered many times, please read the article (link below) it will answer your question and much more...

Uv product and lamp summary

When thinking of a question to post the first step is use the search function, there are often dozens of threads with exactly what you want to know

Get a second CND lamp. One or each hand addresses any speed issues an means you have a spare lamp if one breaks, and more comfortable for client with a lamp on each side for them.

And for you cheaper!

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