UV nail lamps-again!


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Oct 3, 2003
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Hertford and London
There is still thread after thread asking the same question about UV lamps! Can xxx lamp be used with yyy gel polish.

I can understand why the search facility (a very underused function) can be confusing with this topic though. There are so many people, who are trying to be helpful, come back with answers when they don't really understand the science behind it.

Many companies are not helping as so many say that their lamp will cure all gel polishes! They don't KNOW FOR A FACT that this is true!! Many gel polishes come from the same manufacturer so this is true for SOME gel polishes but NOT for ALL!! Thy are just trying to sell you a lamp!

So many threads are also about looking for a cheaper lamp. If the lamp for your system of choice is too expensive for you, look at another system! Don't mess around with chemistry that you don't understand and that you are using on clients!

Read this article and just accept the scientific truth behind it (even if you don't fully understand it). Use the lamp that the gel polish is calibrated to and this will guarantee you get the best results!

I use shellac in my spa, have the correct lamps. Recently I've been looking into other companies too, all have come to me and seen the amount of lamps I have and said they would work with their products. So they aren't trying to sell me their lamps, they are just trying to sell!

I think this is where a lot of the confusion comes from, being told different things by different people.


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