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Mar 19, 2010
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hi everyone!

can anyone suggest a brand of wax/sugar that doesn't include animal by-products?

i've already got calgel, sparitual, essie etc for nails... i'm waiting on a vegan skincare brand replying to my request for a pricelist... but i am totally stumped for hair removal products :-(

thanks in advance,

Dear ,

You can go to salon take treatments by hair removal equipments.
I guess that sugaring would be her best option.

I'm vegan friendly and used moom for quite a while. Lovely product, good to use and left skin feeling fab. It was worth paying (a lot) extra for but then they suddenly halved the size of the jars and still charged the same and I just couldn't afford it any more - a jar would do a full leg and maybe bikini and cost about £14 so there wasn't much scope for profit. That was a couple of years ago and I haven't checked back since.

I now use the sugar from Sally's. It's absolutely fine - not as luxurious as moom, but IMO no-one would realise unless you had both products for clients to compare them. Anyway, it's about £5 something for a standard sized tub with a Sally's card.

I get through a lot of sugar so tried a larger, more cost effective Zahra product from SalonServe but I just couldn't get it to work properly. I didn't train with Zahra so I suspect it was me and not the product itself, and I needed some insider tips, but I've gone back to the Sally's one.

Hope that helps
trozzina.... are you doing a brazilian waxing with this product too?
I dont think Calgel can be classed as Vegan or all natural etc etc.I get what you are aiming for but you are slightly adrift.I dont think there are any enhancement products that can claim to be either.
Hi Cokolina,

No, I'm not - I don't do intimate hair removal so it's not been an issue for me.

Seems to work just fine on the usual legs, bikini, underarms, facial hair etc and I use it on men (chest & backs) too.


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