Victoria,s secret santa.. please read..


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May 22, 2005
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I know I know..

Its weeks before christmas and the secret santa has started..

But I don,t want anyone forgotten..

If anyone would like to be Victorias secret santa please PM ME AND NOT HER.. I will let the winning person know by 2nd Nov so as you still have time to PM her..

Confused yet:eek:

I will organize her secret santa as i did it last year.. then who ever is the lucky geek this year can organize it next year..

I have her wish list and address so no one has to contact her at all..

I,m sorry this is a seperate post but I want to make sure people read it..

Thanks peeps:Love::Love::Love:
Bumping this up for any others:lol:

Roll up roll up and offer to be put in the "Victoria santas hat"

only a few more days to go !!!!!
I know I know this has been bumped before..

Buuttttt this hat needs filling.. so I will bore you all until closeing date:lol:

Everytime I come on I will bump this up..

The lucky geek will be PMed on the 2nd Nov..
Yep you guessed it..

ok peeps... last chance
hope you're getting more emails than I am