video tutorials- balancing pink & white & saddle top


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Jul 31, 2006
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Is there anywhere on this site you can find all the video demos etc. i tend to understand things more by seeing them being done rather than reading instructions/tutorials.

At the moment im really after a video demo on

Rebalancing pink & whites
(ive only ever used a white tip & therefore only had to infill zone 3)

When rebalancing the pink & white you have to file & do zone three but when re-doing the whites do you have to file the whole way back to the whites . or file around the cuticle area to do the fine & then file the whites- how do you get it all flush totally clueless as ive never done it/was never shown it.

Also cant understand the saddling of the tip for nail biter- if i saw this in a video it would make much more sense...

any help greatly appreciated...
Nailzoo has quite a few felpful videos on his website.

Not sure if he has what your looking for but worth checking out.

I usually start in zone 1 and take off most of the white then smooth zone 2 a little then up to zone 3, i find i have to remove quite a bit of white to keep the nails thin , and dont use too much when rebalancing , i have in the early days filed off my new white smile trying to get the nails thin again! Go to the nail zoo website, lots of good demos there!:)

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