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Apr 15, 2012
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I'm currently starting my own business, the salon I'm currently at use fake bake which the cream I love, iv also worked with sienna and st tropez. However the room I'm looking to rent is advising I use either sienna or vita liberata. Personally I didn't like sienna I found it was a little orange looking ( but that may just be me)!!! I just wondered if anyone has used or is currently using vita liberata and what they think as iv not heard if it??? Xxxx
I used VL cream application as I only have the one beauty room & don't have space for spray.

Absolutely love it!
Skin treatment
No smell (once developed)
Organic properties
Amazing service from reps, really personalised & you have exclusivity
They use it on made in Chelsea (its still up & coming so once you mention this clients ears prick up)
Not much help i know but i have a sample of it i got from excel not tried it yet i know its used in made in chelsea ...
Oohhhhh yay I'm so glad to hear from someone who uses it :).... To be honest I prefer using cream anyway & I'm glad to hear it doesn't smell that bad. I looked at the training and dates and they are all full until the end of the month so it seems very popular already.:D!!! Thankyou for the feedback babe xx
Ohhhh I'll have a look now and see if I can somehow get a sample too... Yaaayy I'm a little excited :D thankyou hunny x
I'm looking for reviews on the spray tan solution too! I have yet to receive my samples from the show they were at here a good couple of weeks ago :rolleyes: As I needed tan for myself I bought some of the gel tan and I have to say I love it best wear off I've had from any tan! So now I don't know if I should take the plunge and buy the spray tan solution - is it just as good?
I ordered samples 5 weeks ago and still haven't received them :( I have called them a few times as well but they said they have been busy due to the beauty show. Unfortunately I think I may give up and go with a different brand...
The wear off is the best I've had too :)
Ah that's a shame.
If you pm me I can give you my reps email?
She met me armed with samples when I was looking into the brand
Hey guys. Would somebody mind pm me a price for the spray solution? I use White To Brown and OMG, (LOVE wtb, thinking of discontinuing OMG) but I was thinking of trialling VL on myself as I'm getting married in November, going on honeymoon straight after, and want as long a life as possible out of my tan on my horrible dry skin!! Lol.

Thanks :) xx
I use st tropez, vita liberate and LA tan 10, vita liberate is a lovely tan, has a lovely fade, but i have found customer service to be really bad. I had to rearrange an appointment and no one got back to me, i emailed the 'office' still no reply, when my first order was shipped the bottle top was smashed and leaked tan everywhere. I asked for some promo pics to put on my website and so i could do banners and have recieved nothing. So that sie of things not great really :-( x
Could someone pm me the price please also what is the darkest one like for fade .thank you
I would get samples of the following;

Vita Liberata

I have had samples from them all before and all are great. St Tropez is lovely and a fail safe so I would carry 2 brands. Xx

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