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Jul 1, 2007
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I have decided I want to do facials and have been reading threads on here about best courses etc. What was recommended time and again was VTCT courses. Now, my closest college (15 miles away) is starting this in Feb 08 and it lasts for 16 weeks. I did my man/ped with them so I know its good.
BUT I am very impatient and Feb 08 is a long way away. I have found two private beauty training companies that offer the same qualification for just 2 days training and one extra for assessment! And its cheaper. Now these companies are quite well known (I think) and seem to have good reviews.

It must be possible to do this in 2 days otherwise they would'nt be operating, would they? I just know what you're all going to say but is there anyone out there that thinks this could be a good idea? Should I do a 16 week course in in 5 months time or can I get away with a 2 day course which I can do next month? Obviously I'll have lots of practice to do after the course but I really want to know what you all think.

Cheers Siana

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A lot depends on whether you have done any skincare courses before. There is lots to learn about the skin, you will also need to know about facial bones, massage techniques, skin assessments and I personally don't think this can be learnt in two days unless you have some prior knowledge.

I have done my VTCT and then went on a one day course covering the skincare products I had chosen and quite frankly it wasn't up to much. Most of the time was spent on the products themselves.

I understand that you course isn't being run by a skincare company as such but I still doubt that you can learn enough in two days. Maybe I am a slow learner but it took me weeks to get my facial massage techniques and routine just right and unless you get a DVD with your course showing a massage routine how can you expect to remember it in two days unless you are a very quick learner and retain info straight away, sadly I don't.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, personally I would wait until Feb.
Thanks for your advice Joe. I was expecting this type of advice but thought I'd ask anyway. Deep down I know waiting until Feb is the right thing to do but someone must be doing these two day courses and I just wondered if anyone had done them successfully. Ta for your thoughts.

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